Multimedia exhibition — performance ЭхоМечты

A unique project #ЭхоМечты prepared echomechts for 9 months. During this time, there was a pandemic, some heroes passed away. And yet, we did it.

Exhibition-performance #ЭхоМечты created at the initiative of the United metallurgical company ОМК, started his journey. Vyksa, Blagoveshchensk, Chusovoy-the nearest project route
From the memoirs of Sergey Vitushkin, 96 years old
In the image of a veteran's dream - Ivan Ustinov, engineer of the Vyksa metallurgical plant
Download the qr code, watch and listen! All the details are on www.echo.omk.ru

Photos — Maxim Marmur
Literary processing — Natalia Golodnaya
Music — Anna Golodnaya