March 8 concert "Shades" in the Gallery of NIKO

We invite all guests to spend the 8 March in the center of Moscow in the cosy mansion of the art Gallery NIKO at the gala concert "Shades" in honor of International Women's day.


Is it possible for just 2.5 hours to see a unique building in the centre of Moscow, to visit the exhibition of paintings by famous artists, to participate in the jam popular jazz project, to get a glass of wine...?

Answer — we can!

In a cosy mansion with a glass dome you can enjoy the shades of the sky of Moscow will hear a famous jazz tune (performed by the duo The Jamtlemen featuring popular jazz pianist and composer Eugene Borets and well-known trumpeter, vocalist and entertainer Konstantin Ghevondian), a vivid palette of colors at the exhibition of paintings by Boris Vitollo (1908-1992) and the beautiful voice of the singer and composer Anna Golodnaya.

To create a relaxed atmosphere in the early evening each guest will enjoy a glass of wine, for the ladies will prepare nice surprises. And after 2.5 hours, the expression of the palette of emotional hues turn into a bouquet of real feelings.

Doors open: 05 p.m

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