National books festival "Knigograd.Architectire of intelligence"

The festival will be held in Chusovoy, Chelyabinsk,Blagoveshchensk, Almetyevsk and Vyksa. Special gests of the festival - the authors of popular novels  Anna and Sergey Litvinovy, Ekaterina Vilmont, Dmitry Glukhovsky, Rinat Valliulin, Honored artist of Russia Daniel Spivakovsky and peoples artist of Russia  Emmanuil Vitorgan

 The site of the festival includes five thematic interaktivnyj areas where there will be held more than 25 events,including meetings with writers, presentations of new literature, lectures and master classes. Arriving at the festival. residents will be able to buy any of the novelty books market, and to participate  in the offer exciting events. The most active visitors will receive a book autographed  by writer acstica  festival.